From Lisa, Child's Age 12 - 02/03/12 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My husband and I have desided to send our daughter to weight loss camp. She also has a friend whome I concider a littleoverweight and think she should go with my daughter this summer. How do I go about talking to her mother about this? It would make my daughter so happy to have friend with her, but this girls mother never mentions her childs weight.
Reply from Ashlie - 03/16/12  - IP#:
You might try just mentioning to the mother that you are sending your daughter to a weight loss camp to help her with her weight and tell her a little about the camp, what they do there, the activities, the group support there etc and see what she says. If your daughter talked to her friend all about the camp and suggested the friend might want to go as well, maybe the friend will talk to her mother. You probably can't do much more than that.