From John, Child's Age 14 - 02/15/11 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My son is 14 years old - 6 foot 2 and weighs 222 pounds. 41 inch waist (not pant size but actual waist measurement with a tape measure). Big, tall kid (definitely mine haha). After getting a physical recently, it came to our attention that he had gained 35 pounds in one year (obviously we weren't oblivious to it, he looked different to put it politely but his mom and I were surprised with just how much weight he had gained). We have always had a good relationship so I broached the subject gently with him - he has always been a little overweight but now that he's nearly 50 pounds overweight (a 14 year boy at 6 foot 2 should not weigh more than 178 pounds). I felt it was my duty to talk to him. He very politely told me he was OK with how he looked. I dropped the subject but I am now trying to garner advice on what is going on here. He looks fine but he has gone from looking regular big to looking large. For example, it is obvious he has "moob" action going on when he is standing.
I am slightly overweight - about 20-25 pounds so. His mom is very lean. His 4 brothers range from pre adolescent chubby (terrible stage some kids go through before they grow) to quite lean. There is no teasing in our house - he has told me as much. Not sure if any of this plays in.
So the basic question - why wouldn't a friendly, attractive teen boy want to lose some weight. It would help him and make him feel better - I know that much. Is there a reason he won't (either that you think or from above information). Or should I realize that he is in high school and that he will make his own decisions in regard to food and exercise (I don't want to be controlling but I'm not a laissez faire parent either) Please let me know!
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Maybe he is what is known as a "gainer" A gainer is someone who gains weight for enjoyment. Try to encourage him to live a healthier lifestyle by making him aware of the side effects of being overweight. If he isn't a gainer and is just growing, encourage him to play a sport that would be complimentary to his height. Basketball could be an enjoyable sport. Even if he doesn't want to play organized basketball, maybe go to the park with him to shoot the ball around make it a father son team effort. Football can be a fun sport that his size would be perfect for. He could bulk up lifting weights and lose the unhealthy fat. Hope this helps.