From Megs, Child's Age 6 - 01/13/11 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My daughter is overweight and a very picky eater which makes it so hard. She is however very active, loves sports and is always out running or climbing. Both my husband and I struggle with our weight, but we try very hard to set a good example to our kids. I read the book, Your Child's Weight - helping without harming, and really thought it was good, practical advise. Unfortunately, my daughter would only go for bread at the dinner table, night after night after night, and actually ended up gaining weight. Has anyone else had success with this? Any tips for getting picky eaters to eat more veggies? She loves fruit, so that is ok, but she doesn't eat meat or veggies....she loves carbs unfortunately
Reply from Ashlie - 01/21/11  - IP#:
While I haven't read the book you mention above, I did read the product description and some of its reviews on Amazon. There is not a one size fits all solution for overweight children. Over a 100,000 postings and messages to this website have demonstrated to us that emotional/comfort eating and food addiction play a significant role in the childhood obesity epidemic. The propensity for psychological dependence on food can vary from child to child (and from adult to adult). If you want to consider this perspective, then "Overweight: What Kids Say", provides a thorough analysis of the overeating and overweight related problems kids report on this website, as well as prevention, treatment options, and success stories. If you and your husband are struggling with overeating and overweight as well, then examining and improving your own relationship with food may provide a better role model for your daughter. Information for parents using our website is located here.