From hallie, Child's Age 11 - 11/16/10 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
i am posting about my obese child. i really need some tips and advice.i cant belive i let her get this big-i always thougt she was just a little over weight but her stomach is now 72 inches and she weighs 221 pounds.
Reply from Nina, Age 14 - 05/07/12  - IP#:
Hi my parents allowed me to get big and now I am 715 pounds. I would suggest you change your whole families diet and do active healthy activities together so she can lose the weight now.
Reply from carlene, Child's Age 14 - 12/02/10  - IP#:
Her stomach measures 72 inches? Are you sure? That's SIX FEET AROUND. You say she weighs 211. How tall is she?
Reply from Ashlie - 11/23/10  - IP#:
Probably the best starting point would be to click on the "Parents" icon on the front page, and read the page titled "Solving the Overweight Puzzle" which is designed specifically for parents of overweight kids. This page provides an overview of the common causes of overweight and obesity in kids, vicious circles, being a good role model, and tips to prevent children from overeating.