From Linda, Child's Age 10 - 09/28/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
There is some good news about my son. He got moved to another class because of the bullying and he's doing much better. He's even made a real friend who sticks up for him when anyone teases him about his weight. He's much happier now that he doesn't get teased so much at school. He's also only gained two pounds since last month so the weight gain may finally be slowing down. He is still having a hard time adjusting to the physical burden of the extra weight. Carrying an extra 62 pounds would be hard for anyone. It's especially hard for a kid who's almost the shortest in his class and was never overweight before. He complains a lot about being tired and uncomfortable. Now that he's not gaining weight as quickly I hope he will have a better chance to get used to it. I also hope he will grow into the weight in a few years. Does anyone know how long it normally takes for someone to adjust to gaining a lot of weight?
Reply from Tom, Child's Age 15 - 05/06/11  - IP#:
My son is in a similar phase. Last summer, he put on over 65 pounds and got a lot taller. He was always stick-thin, so it was a big adjustment for him. It's still hard adjusting to his new size. He still moves around like he's 110 pounds, and he forgets that he isn't skinny now. He is still getting fatter, but he says he's happy with the way he looks and feels, so that's good enough for me (unless it gets way out of hand). I wish you and your son good luck, and will say that he may get taller and lose some of the weight as time goes by.
Reply from Ashlie - 10/08/09  - IP#:
That's great to hear that your son is in a more welcoming class! If the teasing has decreased and he's made a friend, this should be a boost to his self-eteem. It sounds like a great sign that his weight gain has slowed and perhaps there is the chance now that he can lose a few pounds. 62 extra pounds would be a challenge for any kid to carry around. Probably the best way to adjust to the weight is increasing his activity some so that his body can build up some stamina. In the process he may lose a few pounds, and that would probably help the most in allowing him to feel more comfortable physically in his body.