From Veronica, Child's Age 16 - 07/18/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hey Taylor I beleive you.John is probably a troll or maybe brother of the real Sammie on preeteens board.I mean,common,the way he described her brother(himself) so beautifull and perfect he is and talking nasty things about poor Sammie,like shes Jubba the Hutt or something.But beleive me,after a week of binge eating i gained 10 lb so its possible to gain weight that fast.But i daubt Sammie gorges herself every second like "John" described.
Reply from Veronica, Child's Age 16 - 07/19/09  - IP#:
Woah,he said 20 punds in few days?Sorry Taylor,I missed that part.But lets just hope he is lying cause it was really painfull to read how poor Sammie gets treated by her so called family.Yeah,20 pounds in one day?Ok that physicly impossible.BTW I saw a girl named Sammie on the preetens board.And she sounds nothing like Johns Sammie.
Reply from Marshall, Child's Age 15 - 07/18/09  - IP#:
I'm not too sure about John myself, but i know i gained 10 pounds in a weekend vacation least that part is possible..
Reply from Taylor, Child's Age 16 - 07/18/09  - IP#:
10 pounds in a week is possible... he said 20 in a few days, which really isn't...