From john, Child's Age 12 - 07/07/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
i appreciate all of you who are standing up for me. taylor, again, i have no problems with you, as i see you are trying to protect this page, but please, would you back off? i think you might find yourself more content on the teens page. why not help them?i'm sure alot of teens must post fake stories. truce?
Reply from Taylor, Age 16 - 07/07/09  - IP#:
I offered you extremely helpful advice, if you refuse it, you're pretty much letting your daugther eat herself to death. If you're not accepting of advice anyway, what's the point in you being here? I have more of a right to be here and give it, then you have to write several messages a day, and not take the advice you're given, it's pointless...