From john, Child's Age 12 - 07/04/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
this is a message for Taylor, and anyone following along with her. when i typed in 20 pounds, i actually meant to write about 10, but i typed the 2 instead. next, i don't understand why you are so obsessed with ratting me out for something. also, if you are a teen, then what purpose do you have for viewing the parents page? i am not trying to be mean or anything, but i am not sure what exactly you are trying to do, parents want advice from other parents, they already know what teenagers act like. i hope you can forgive me for whatever horrible thing you think i did.-john-
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@James- Yes, but his claim, would actually mean his daughter putting on weight at a faster rate, which even with a slow metabolism, a pound is 3500, ten pounds is 35,000. Her body MUST use some of those calories up in order for her to survive, though maybe she wouldn't burn as many as the average person, she still burns some, so due to her being alive, she'd have to have eaten more than 35,000 within a few days, even eating the most high calorie things she could, it'd be pretty darn near impossible to eat that much, not to mention after a certain extent your body will purge it's stomaches contents, the human body will only let it eat so much. And while I suppose if she ate things high in sodium some of it could've been water weight, still doesn't seem quite a plausible story. None of it seems to fit together when you look at it logically, so I think it's more likely he's exaggerating than anything else. (That what he said was a 100% or that his entire story is fake, included in that anything else.
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@ Taylor, while a lot of aspects of this story do seem a bit fishy, with the right diet and lack of exercise you can pack on the pounds extremely fast. Especially if you have a slow metabolism. When i was 14 or 15 ( it was a while ago and I'm not quite sure when) i gained about 20lbs in 8 days. I was on vacation with my cousin at my aunts house in NY and it rained the whole time. She felt bad and bought us w/e we asked for at the grocery store. We literally did nothing but eat and eat while playing video games for about 18 hours a day. And while i don't know much your daughter's exact situation, but i would have her thyroid checked, as thyroid problems will very often result in or contribute to massive/rapid weight gain.
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Even 10 pounds in a few days, still PRETTY improbable, and none of your story fits together, PLUS you're just stating that now, so you probably just thought of it, a lie to cover up a hole in the bigger lie. Really none of your story fits. It's all very extreme, and sudden, if she's eaten this way all her life, she'd probably be dead, or much more overweight than she already is, so what is the catalyst to start her off on this kind of thing all of the sudden? Two, no one can start eating that much all of the sudden, technically, she probably couldn't eat as much as you're saying she eating AT ALL... the body only lets a person eat so much before it'll force a person to throw up pretty much everything. Your story just doesn't seem to fit together, it's absent of facts and logic, so I'm not sure you can really blame me for not believing you. AND teens are ALLOWED to view the parents page, and not all teenagers act the same. It's nice to get advice from someone who knows exactly what you're kid is going through, and lots of people on this board have thanked me for my helpful and mature advice. It just gives you a different perspective on things. It's very ignorant to assume ALL teenagers are immature, or stupid, or whatever you're implying by saying you "know how we act". We're not like a species of animals. Teenagers are human beings too, we're all different, and some of us can be mature and give very sound advice.