From Jillian, Child's Age 16 - 12/24/08 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My daughter is 16 (almost 17) and is about 5 feet 5 inches and weighs about 150 pounds. I only weigh 122 pounds, her grandfather only weigh 141 pounds and her grandmother weighs about 119 pounds. She is the fattest person in our family! She tries to squueze into clothes that are too small for her to convince herself or maybe others that she is a smaller size. She wear bikinis even though she has excess fat! I tries to bring her to the gym with me, and she doesn't want to go, so i call her CHUBETTE. I need her to loose weight. I hate looking at her fat, chubby, blubbery, flabby, overweight body. How can I get her to lose weight?
Reply from Kya, Child's Age 12 - 06/11/09  - IP#:
Are you serious!? You pinch and insult your onw daughter! Take a step back and talk to her about it in a way that doesnt make her hurt! if thats not to hard Miss jillian!
Reply from jess- child, Child's Age 16 - 05/13/09  - IP#:
you should be ashamed of yourself. my mum made those commentsabout me when i was slightly overweight. i was around that same weight and heigt i lost my self esteem and ended up being anorexic/bulimic im partially recovered ish now at 120lbs but still feel enormous and my mum still makes comments when a gain a few pounds. you will never understand what it feels like to have a mum who is constantly looking at your body thinkin fat, fat, fat. it hurts so much. good luck to your daughter. i have NO sympathy for you in the slightest
Reply from Sandra, Child's Age 16 - 05/02/09  - IP#:
I know what it can be like wanting your child to be perfect, but if you call her chubette, chaces are she will get angry and eat more as a result
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Reply from Nomi - 01/08/09  - IP#:
and another thing- three words 'healthy weight calculator'. according to it, your daughter is fine for her hight. 150 pounds is healthy.
Reply from Nomi - 01/04/09  - IP#:
exuse my spelling.
and ohh size 6???
yeah, that's so big isn't it?
Reply from Nomi - 01/04/09  - IP#:
sorry for accedently getting your daughters weight wrong, but you still shouldnt call her names, it'll get her down. Maybe if you talked NICELY to her about it, she'd get some motivation. But then, at the same time, SHE'S SIXTEEN. She's old enough to look after herself, and it is her own choice.
parents like you are ignorant, you'll never help your daughter if you dont accept her first. get over her weight- to you, it way seem like a big number, but you seem to be over-exadurating it. she IS a person and she IS you're child, not just ''fat, chubby, blubbery, flabby, overweight''
Reply from Cheyenne - 12/31/08  - IP#:
oh. and I don't have a child. im 18 years old
Reply from Cheyenne, Child's Age 18 - 12/31/08  - IP#:
Is this some sort of joke? What kind of parent would speak about her child like this? You want some advice? Don't treat your daughter like crap; and the way that you speak of her to us is totally disrespectful. Your daughter have feelings, most likely hurt ones by the way you call her names. Making her feel bad is not the way to go. Change your attitude Miss Jillian, if you want to help your daughter lose weight.
Reply from annie, Child's Age 16 - 12/30/08  - IP#:
Jillian, you sound like "Mommie Dearest". Take a step back and speak to your daughter's physician about her weight. You mention skinny you and skinny grandparents. What about her dad?
Reply from Brandy, Child's Age 9 - 12/30/08  - IP#:
Are you for real? Being mean never helps.Are you trying to shame her because she doesn't have your fortune? She knows she has a problem if she is trying to wear clothes that are too small and excess hangs over. Hurting her feelings isn't going to help.Try not buying any junk food and take away the tv if that is the problem.Good luck !
Reply from Jocelyn, Child's Age 17 - 12/26/08  - IP#:
okay the treats may be from a christmas party, but your daughter didnt gain weight just from those treats. its what food her parents provide that are making her gain weight
Reply from Taylor - 12/26/08  - IP#:
Your behavior is ridiculous. Did you ever think of why she does eat what she does. YOUR the one not thinking. You treat her like crap obviously, and that's not fair to her. Her weight is as much YOUR fault as her own, because of course she isn't going to do anything about it when you treat her like that.
Reply from Blanch, Child's Age 17 - 12/26/08  - IP#:
Get over yourself Jillian.
Reply from Jillian, Child's Age 16 - 12/26/08  - IP#:
I didn't make those fattening treats. we went to a christmas party, and somebody else brought them.
Reply from Jocelyn, Child's Age 17 - 12/26/08  - IP#:
well dont make brownies and pumpkin bread. then she cant eat it. you have to a positive role model or else there is no hope for her ever being a healthy size while she lives in your house.
Reply from Jillian, Child's Age 16 - 12/25/08  - IP#:
Nomi, she is 150 pounds, not 155. do not add any extra weight to her already high weight. just wanted to clarify. trust me, i made her get on the scale when the size 6 jeans were too tight. she had a muffin top! i gave her a little pinch, and trust me when i tell you there was MORE than an inch of fat. unfortunatley she may be approaching 155 because tonight at desert i saw her eat a brownie AND a piece of pumpkin bread, and im sure she snuck some others. Does she not think? Those calories are going to show up on the scale! and even worse, they will probbably add another roll of belly fat. extra calories= extra fat. I know i should be more positive, but i just get so frustrated.
Reply from Taylor - 12/25/08  - IP#:
First of all you shouldn't call your own frickin' daughter names no matter what. You should love her and treat her with respect despite what she weighs. And that's most likely why you can't motivate her to lose weight. That negative attitude of yours will help NO ONE.
Reply from Nomi - 12/26/08  - IP#:
If she's nearly 17 she should be able to choose what she wants to eat for herself? 155 pounds isn't that overweight- and don't call her names! can you imagen being overweight and your mother calling you 'fatty' or 'blubber ball', i mean, it's horrible! Think about it, do you care more about your daughter's happiness or about the way she looks? She's overweight, okay, if it's affecting her health, have a talk with her, find out how she feels, but don't act in a way that makes her feel she's an embarrassment to you because of her weight.
Reply from Jocelyn, Child's Age 17 - 12/24/08  - IP#:
Well to start with, dont bring her down by calling her "chubette". She probably gets enough of that at school, she doesnt need that from her family. The best way to get her to lose weight is by changing the entire family's eating habits. Make healthier dinners and dont buy unhealthy snacks. If you dont buy those double-fudge brownies, then she cant eat them. Another thing you should do is have a heart-to-heart talk with her. Let her know that right now she is not heavy, but you are going to change that. Dont insult her, let her know that her family is there to support her.