From Brandy, Child's Age 9 - 10/02/08 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hello everyone.I used to come to this board on a daily basis in hopes for new information on help my son lose weight.I see alot of insults.Where is the support to help each other? I know my son is obese and so am I. Its not all his fault I BUY THE FOOD,I TAKE HIM OUT HE'S 9!.I use to post here but lately its seems that some people are posting as a joke? Why? Isn't there enough cruelty going on.I know someone is going to post something insulting to what I have said but I don't care.Its hard to help a child who is obese,especially when the parent is obese or not living with them to support them daily.I greatly appreciate any advice on shopping,recipes to sneak veggies in or even exercise tricks.For instance I took my son to the mall and played a treasure hunt game.By the time he found all the clues he had walked 2 miles but he didn't know it.I look for things like that here.Help in anyway shape or form.I just want to thank those here who offer help and support.
Reply from Shay, Child's Age 26 - 10/05/08  - IP#:
Have you considered enrolling him in martial arts? It's something you could both start doing. It's great exercise and will also increase his confidence level! Plus, a lot of martial arts is competing against yourself so it's not like putting him on a team where he could be made fun of or not get the playing time he would if he weren't overweight. Also, Jerry Seinfeld's wife just put out a book on sneaking veggies into your children's food. Check it out of a library and make copies of the recpies you like. Finally, have you considered getting a puppy? Most kids like them and it could be his job to walk the dog each day. Puppies can't walk very far in the beginning so it would get him started gradually. Good luck!