From Elizabeth, Child's Age 5 - 09/14/08 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My daughter Sara is 5 years old and is, thanks to me and my unhealthy lifestyle an overweight child. She weights 55 pounds. her weight never bothered her. this month she started kindergarten and she is constantly bullied by other kids because of her weight. Sara carries most of her weight in her belly. she has a big round belly. she mostly wears dresses because i have a difficult time to find clothes that fit her. if she wears jeans or a skirt i let her belly hang over them. the other kids in kindergarten laugh at her because she has such a big belly. when i take her to kindergarten some of the kids say: there comes fatty! or look at Sara's gut! i hate to see other kids doing this to my little girl. i'm a compulsive overeater, so you can all guess how i deal with it. and my daughter does in the same way. please tell me how i can help my little girl!
Reply from tanya, Child's Age 5 - 04/07/15  - IP#:
My daughter is five and is 103 don't feel so bad..she is on a diet and ia still gaining but ahw ia going thru testing to..
Reply from carla, Child's Age 6 - 03/01/09  - IP#:
i too have a kinder child who is overweight. I have a heard time buying her clothes, so we stick to dressesor streatchy pants. She embraces her body and is so excited to have "boobies" haha I also tell her how lucky she is to be able to wear a bra and we go bra shopiing together. The best thing I have done for my daughter is to be proud of who she is. Self esteam is a BIG thing when you have an overweight child. The teasing hasnt started yet for my daughter who is 6 and is 89 pounds but i know its coming.So filling her head with wonderful thoughts about how beautiful god made her really is going to help. At home, I have a BIG bowl of fesh fruit that she is allowed to snack from any time she feels hungry. I give her a choice, one goodie ot as much fruit or jeggies as she wants. I usualy let her make the desision, and she usualy picks the better. Try small changes..Nonfat milk,100 cal snacks, low fat everything, ground turkey and turkey bacon instrad of beef or meat.She will never know the differance plus you will be eating healthier too. Then when she is listening tell her about the right chices you've made when cooking and she will start to get excited...Just remember, never say the "F" word(fat) instead change it to eating healthy so we can be strong.....hope that helps...
Reply from annie, Child's Age 16 - 09/28/08  - IP#:
You keep on posting time after time that you're a compulsive overeater and that your overeating impacts your daughter. Please take the advice that was given you before--get some professional help for yourself and your daughter. Once you see a mental health professional about your compulsive eating, plan what you purchase. You don't HAVE to buy fattening snack foods--stock up on seasonal fruits and veggies. If you're going to overeat, eating a lot of raw veggies (wothout the ranch dressing) will fill you but proivde few calories.
Reply from Taylor - 09/16/08  - IP#:
I understand how hard this must be for both you and your daughter. I was bullied most of my elementary school years mercilessly, and it put both me and my mother in tears. First, I do think it's a good idea to talk to her teacher, as well as a school guidance counselor. If things don't change, don't be afraid to go as far as the principal to get things to change. You also need to make sure your daughter understand that there is nothing wrong with her, but that what the other kids are doing is wrong. There is nothing wrong with being overweight, especially if you want to work towards being healthier. I feel that overweight people are judged more harshly than even addicts in our current society. Druggies and alcoholics are doing unhealthy things to, but they aren't the ones who are teased in school. Drugs aren't considered the epidemic, obesity is. It's wrong.
I admire your concern for your daughter. If you'd like you could probably do something like weight watchers together or go to a nutritionist together. I know that in some towns they have mother-daughter exercise classes and such at community centers. If you were to look into something like that I think you'd both enjoy it. Also you could buy some yoga DVDs. I know yoga seems hard, but there are actually many simple poses that help tone and relax. Yoga can also help with any aches or pains, stomach aches, headaches, and all sorts of other things. I find it fun, but it's just a suggestion.
I wish you and daughter both the best.
You'll be in my prayers.
Reply from Shay, Child's Age 26 - 09/15/08  - IP#:
I worked in a school for two years and saw a surprising amount of bullying. I think the first step would be to talk to Sara's teacher about what is going on. In kindergarten, teachers have much more influence over kids' behavior than they do in later grades. Also, instead of eating and allowing Sara to eat when someone is mean to her, suggest taking a walk or doing something else physical. This will allow her to burn off the angry energy and also will help her get in shape. Also, be sure to include lots of fruits and vegetables (not cheese covered ones) during meals.