From Michele, Child's Age 12 - 04/07/08 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I haven't really posted a lot here. I have an almost 13-year-old son who is about 45 pounds overweight. He lost 30 pounds a couple of years ago on the Trim Kids program. It's a book you can purchase at your book store or on Amazon. Anyway because we didn't keep up with the program and didn't do well with the exercise portion, he gained the weight back. I am starting again and I have a blog. Please read it. And feel free to leave comments or questions. I hope we can help him and other paretns help their kids. Thanks, Michele
Reply from Keyanah, Child's Age 12 - 06/24/08  - IP#:
I really need your advice. can you give me any tips on being healthy and to lose weight please?

Reply from Karren, Child's Age 2 - 06/17/08  - IP#:
Don't give up this time,good luck!

Reply from greatweightlossplan, Child's Age 15 - 04/29/08  - IP#:
go to the pre teens bard as soon as you read this. hopefully, my messages and weight plans will still be there.

Reply from James, Child's Age 16 - 04/23/08  - IP#:
never mind I read your reply and was thinking of a different post. Its jst been a long day.

Reply from James, Child's Age 16 - 04/23/08  - IP#:
Or he could have been 75 pounds overweight then she didnt say he lost all of his fat just 30 pounds.

Reply from Joe, Child's Age 18 - 04/20/08  - IP#:
Your son is 45 pounds overweight now and lost 30pounds a couple of years ago? I don't understand how such yo-yo dieting is going to help your son. Will he lose the 45 pounds now and then end up 50 or 60 pounds overweight a couple of years later?