From Linda, Child's Age 15 - 03/21/08 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi everyone my name is Linda. My daughter Brittany is 5 5 and 395 lbs. Brittany never can stop eating and when i try to make her stop she sneaks things to eat. i dont know how to make her stop and it worries me. I did not realize how bad her weight was until i took her to the doctor a couple of days ago and she was almost to big for them to weigh her on the scale they had her on. I need help! how do i make her stop and get up to exercise? all she wants to do is sit on the couch and eat all the time. She says she likes gaining weight and she was very excited when they weighed her the other day. She won't let me buy her new clothes because she likes them tight where all her fat hangs out. I don't understand this but ive let her for so long because it was what made her happy. please someone help me to motivate her to lose the weight. Thank you
Reply from anna, Child's Age 11 - 08/24/16  - IP#:
if she weighs that much, you should take charge. your the mother, you have to tell her to stop eating Fat and junk food and start eating healthier and exercising. tell her to walk around the neiborhood , if she says she wants to he fat insult her , that worked for my daughter.. she weighed 120 pounds when she was 11, now she is 12 and weighs 88 pounds. tell her being fat is not good ,and that it will give her health issues when she gets older.