From Gina, Child's Age 13 - 06/18/06 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My child james is 5'4 and weghs 179 pounds the docter clearly says he has a weight problem. He hates to go outdoors or play sports he never has played a sport and eats constantly junk food last night I found a carton of vinilla Ice cream in his room. I never knew he was this obese until yesterday at the pool he took off his shirt and his stomach extended at least a foot and a half and his breasts were about 6 in long and when he sat down he had 8 massive fat folds my other 16 and 12 year olds are like this to. another thing is we live next to Mcdonalds and Burger King and we eat there often. Help my family is obese!!!!!!!
Reply from Mia, Child's Age 13 - 11/10/06  - IP#:
I love salads.My children fail to eat them all the time, wellthe overweight one.but personally i love them.They taste as good as a burger with their chicken on it

Reply from Laura, Child's Age 9 - 06/21/06  - IP#:
We live near a greece restaurant and have never been there. You doesnt need to go to MCDonalds and Burger King if you dont want to go!

Reply from Penny, Child's Age 7 - 06/20/06  - IP#:
Even McDonalds has taken steps to introduce healthier foods to their menus. I suggest investigating the different facets of your son's weight gain and start taking small steps toward a healthier life. Once he gains confidence, move to the next thing. Try not to emphasize the foods he can no longer eat, but explore healthier foods he might like. Likewise, introduce some physical activities that are fun and interesting. Even something as simple as buying a kid a digital camera and taking them out on a nature walk, etc. to "capture shots" will help. Be creative and don't give up.

Reply from joe, Child's Age 14 - 06/20/06  - IP#:
Sounds like your whole family needs to stay away from McDonald's and Burger King