From Jill, Child's Age 12 - 05/07/06 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I wanted input from some other parents about this. My son has always worn his pants around his belly (as opposed to under it like to let his belly hang over), but he has recently put on alot more weight and the waist size needed to go around his belly as opposed to under his belly is much larger. I told him that I think he should wear his pants lower but he said it makes him look fatter if his belly hangs over his pants. How do your boys wear their pants? Any insight?
Reply from Aidan, Age 13 - 05/29/17  - IP#:
Lucky for him, my stomach rolls into its rolls!
Reply from elijah, Child's Age 4 - 03/30/15  - IP#:
maybe he shoundn't where a belt
Reply from laren, Child's Age 21 - 03/28/15  - IP#:
I don't have any boys
Reply from polou, Child's Age 3 - 03/25/15  - IP#:
Reply from mike, Child's Age 14 - 03/25/15  - IP#:
my sons where there belts on there tummys
Reply from daniel, Child's Age 17 - 03/25/15  - IP#:
maybe get him involved with sports
Reply from Christia, Child's Age 11 - 03/24/15  - IP#:
my son puts his pants just below his waist but when he sits down his belly hangs over
Reply from Christia, Child's Age 11 - 03/24/15  - IP#:
for the past few months my 11 year old son has been gaining a lot of weight and now when he sits down his belly hangs over his pants about 3 inches
Reply from Deborah, Child's Age 14 - 08/01/06  - IP#:
i would get a smaller size for your son just so it goes over his belly so he can see all the extra fat that hangs over that he needs to lose. thats what i suggested to my daughter.

Reply from Laura, Child's Age 9 - 06/05/06  - IP#:
My daughter is also quite large (she weights 160 pounds) and she wears her pants under her belly. But she wears wide shirts so that nobody can see her belly.

Reply from Bruce, Child's Age 13 - 05/28/06  - IP#:
Are his shirts long enough to cover his belly when he raises his arms? If they're not, then he's going to have a hard time wearing his pants under the belly. Some boys have really saggy bellies. See if that's the problem, because most boys always wear their pants under their belly. He might already need "tall" sizes, and if he's fat enough, it should be no problem to find in the mens departments.

Reply from Joan, Child's Age 16 - 05/13/06  - IP#:
I know you're talking about boys here, but my daughter has gained a bit of weight and really has put most of it on her stomach. She wears her pants low, sometimes even buying the low-cut style. With her i would say the opposite, in that as a girl she should wear them up higher, rather than have a belly hanging out no?

Reply from ken, Child's Age 13 - 05/11/06  - IP#:
no where different parents we live with each other

Reply from joe, Child's Age 14 - 05/10/06  - IP#:
Hey, are you "jen" or "ken"? Your IP #'s are the same.

Reply from James, Child's Age 17 - 05/10/06  - IP#:
Well my son wears his under his belly. None of the local stores sell ones which would go round his belly and fit in the leg (He's not incredibly tall). Just find someway to explain tactfully that he should lose the weight if he doesn't want to look fat. Not try and cover it up with clothing.

Reply from joe, Child's Age 14 - 05/09/06  - IP#:
My sons wear their pants under the belly. I think you need to find a way to diplomatically tell your son that if he's put on weight, he's going to look fat whichever way he wears his pants. He should wear the pants in the way that's most comfortable. I'm a big guy, like my sons, and the few times I've worn pants over the belly, it was very uncomfortabloe because the belt buckle cut into my belly.