From Donna, Child's Age 6 - 03/21/06 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My son is approximately 75 pounds. He gained the majority of his weight after having his tounsils and adnoids removed. I don't keep twinkies in the house and he really isn't that big of a junk food eater. He consumes about 200 calories at breakfast and around 500 at lunch. He's become self conscious about his weight and it hurts me to see him this way and I don't like discussing it in front of him. He is the kind of child that will obsess over this as he already has some gross and fine motor skill issues that appeared once he turned 4. He could no longer run properly, had problems holding a pencil...etc. These problems did not exist prior to the surgery but there is nothing neurologically wrong with him. He has OT and Therapeutic PE and is currently in Pre First due to his motor disfunction--not his cognitive capabilities. He loves sports but gets winded and frustrated because he is very competitive. Our schedule is insane and it's very difficult to get exercise because we are tag team parenting. My husband is in the military and works days and I work in the evenings. I'm just really frustrated and was wondering if someone else out there has had a similar experience.
Reply from cathy, Child's Age 6 - 04/29/06  - IP#:
I know what you are going thru my son is almost the same only he weights 91 lbs. We have had him tested for just about everything. I was told he has adha,learning disablities. He receives ot, pt and speech and is in a full day kindergarden program. He had his tonsils+adnoids removed when he was 3 yrs. My husband also works long hours. My youngest is hearing impaired. We exercise for an hour a day after school and when it rains I let him walk on my treadmill for 45 min. listening to his favorite music. It may seem very difficult but just getting the exercise for them is the best. riding a bike, walking and playing tag will help alot. Sometimes you just have to let the housework go for a few hours

Reply from judy, Child's Age 14 - 03/23/06  - IP#:
i kno it is tough to have children, believe me i have 4 of my own.... but you have to keep on striving to give them the best ... keep him active as much as you can... and he will not get as easily winded... make the whole family eat healthier... more chicken and veggies.. less carbs and sugars... even hidden sugars like fruit.. and for the competitive things.... if he really loves sports then tell him if he doesnt stop acting like that on the field he wont be able to play... he needs dicsipline... u can do it!!!
if u have other questions just post again...