From Ellie, Child's Age 7 - 02/02/06 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My granddaughter is 7 years old and she's 4'6" and 114lbs. No one else in either side of the family is big. The doctor ran several blood test and everything came back okay except she has a high testosterone level. He is sending her to an endocrinologist. Is there anyone else with anything like this out there?
Reply from Sandy, Child's Age 7 - 02/23/06  - IP#:
My daughter is around 4'6" or maybe even an inch or two taller, she grows so fast I can't keep up, and she was 135lbs when she went to the doctor 2 days ago. So I know what you're going through. She is the tallest and heaviest kid in her class, everyone thinks she is much older than she really is. I plan to have her doctor run some test to see if there is a hormonal problem. I am thin, but her grandmother on her fathers side is a tall big women so i'm not sure if comes from her or not. I know this wasn't much help, but I just wanted to let you know there are other seven year old girls this size. good luck

Reply from krystal, Child's Age 7 - 02/02/06  - IP#:
I have the same problem with my 7 year old daughter. she weights just about the same. they did all the blood work and everything is fine. I under stand what you are going through it is rough. We went on a kinda strict deit and messured the food. and increased her activity and she is doing great. Probaly the best advise I got was that her stomach is only suppose to be as big a her fist. which seems very small and I felt like i was starving her but it worked she has lost weight and the doctor said as long as we keep worken at it she wil be ok. please if you need to talk you can email me @