From PHOTO, Child's Age 12 - 01/06/06 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
my child is turning twelve in march she is now 133lbs. or more she keeps repeating to herself that she's ugly and fat and she's having emotional problems.
i can see in her eyes that she wants to starve herself
she tries to exercise everyday and work herself to hard what should we do?
Reply from alexa, Child's Age 12 - 01/12/06  - IP#:
i agree with judy. i would like to compare her to me.

Reply from Judy, Child's Age 9 - 01/09/06  - IP#:
Do you have a picture of her? She doesn't sound very overweight, but she may look more chunkier than she is. You don't have to post a head shot, just maybe a body shot like I did.