From Laura, Child's Age 8 - 10/14/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My daughter Lisa is 8 years old and weights 150 pounds. A friend of mine said that I'm abusing my child by letting her get so "fat". What is your opinion. My daughter is also quite often teased by other kids, as she is by far the heaviest girl in her school. But she doesn't want to loose weight, because she really loves to eat. I'm also obese and don't know how to motivate my daughter to loose weight.
Reply from Brittany, Child's Age 13 - 09/30/06  - IP#:
well just make sure u watch ur child and dont let her consume to much. it will be bad for u later on. i kno becuz my child is 13 rite now and weighs 602 pounds as we found out yesterday so dont let it get to out of hand.

Reply from dayna, Child's Age 10 - 10/15/05  - IP#:
i suggest u and your daughter enroll in weight watchers. in a little over 2 years, my aunt lost 100 lbs, and i am only 13 and im in it. all u have to do is go to your childs doctor and get a medical note stating that it is ok for your child to do weight watchers. its a very supportive program, and they have chocolate bars, shakes, and lots of delicious foods you can purchase to satisfy cravings! good luck!

Reply from Marie, Child's Age 12 - 10/14/05  - IP#:
Amen Olivia! Parents have no excuse in todays world not to help their children, we know to much about nutrition.

Reply from Olivia, Child's Age 9 - 10/14/05  - IP#:
There have been cases of "medical neglect" filed against parents in some states because their children were morbidly obese. Go back in this thread and read how a couple lost their child to obesity. For your sake and your daughter's sake, sit down, talk about your weight (don't kid yourself, if you're obese you can't possibly be thrilled with yourself) and seek out counseling together. There are many healthcare professionals in the psychology/social work field who specialize in eating & weight concerns. She may overeat as part of "emotional soothing." You may each want to keep a food diary for a week and look back and see how much you actually consumed. I'm not trying to sound harsh, but your daughter depends on you and you on her. Don't you want to see her live a healthy, productive life? Don't you want to live to see her grow up? I fight my weight daily like a demon, sometimes the cookies win out over the carrots. But the next day, or minute, I make a healthier choice. I have a step-daughter who, at the age of 9, is topping 169 pounds so I know and understand what you are going through.