From janeal, Child's Age 14 - 09/30/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi i am actually the child but no one can help me on teens bullent board I am 14 and weigh 255 i am about to start my diet in 3 weeeks what i really want to do is go to this weight loss bording school it cost alot and my mother is a single mother does any one have an ideal please respond or email me at i need to know ways to make money so i can try to pay it but in a way i know its impossible
Reply from Lauren, Child's Age 13 - 01/29/06  - IP#:
Woah! I just turned 14 and im 85!!! Jeesh....I will never understand it good luck just remember you can do ANYTHING if you try hard enough go to and learn more about shedding those pounds!!!! Hope you have good success in life and reach for the thin body you want

Reply from maria, Child's Age 9 - 12/18/05  - IP#:
14 is very difficult to weigh over 200 ponds. I am speaking to you because I have been where you are. It is good to see that you can address the issue openly and are asking for help. I couldn't even say the word fat for a very long time. Exercise is the key. Movement, walk more, ride your bike, exercise is just moving your body in any way you can, EVERYDAY. Of corse eating healthy is extremely important, but EXERCISE, walking, dancing, yoga, etc. it will help you. good luck.

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Reply from orcy, Child's Age 14 - 10/03/05  - IP#:
actually , im 14 to .. and rose is wrong. there have been many success stories after camps etc.. tons. going to a camp or school might be what you need to TEACH you how to make life changes. good luck <3

Reply from rose - 10/01/05  - IP#:
Most of the people who lose weight at a camp just gain it back when they come back because they need to change their everyday eating habits at home, not just on a trip. You should focus on just making a real change in your everyday life style at home and not rely on some boarding camp its just a quick fix that usually wont last.