From Debbie, Child's Age 13 - 08/31/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
One time when I was about 7(so that was many years ago) I was at the doctor and he told my mom that I was "obese". At that time I thought that he had told my mom that I was "a beast". I had never heard the word obese before that so I guess I heard words that I could understand but I do know that even to this day I prefer the word fat because somewhere deep inside obese still makes me feel like a beast. It just takes little words and comments to or about a child that can effect them for years. So parents please don't hurt your child with words because those words are the ones that build up inside and cause such unnecessary pain. Don't think about what parts of your childs' body are "too big" instead think about how much you love them and how devastating it would be to be without them. Then take a stand for them, let them know what it is about them that you love and cherish. Let them know they are smart, funny and beautiful. If there is a wonderful song or poem that has always made you think of them let them know. I wrote the lyrics down to "If I Could" by Regina Belle and gave them and a cd of the song to my son few years ago. I know that he cherishes them even to this day. Every once in awhile when we are driving somewhere and it is just the two of us I put my copy of the song in the player and he knows that I adore him no matter what. Fill your childs life with love, support and a healthy lifestyle for all. Let them know how important they are to you and show that in any way possible even if it seems like a corny thing to do.
Reply from maria, Child's Age 9 - 12/18/05  - IP#:
Its true, kids are even more sensitive about their weight than adults. don't forget that. As a pre-teen I refused to go the doctor ONLY because I had to get on that scale. One year I finally lost a little weight, & when I got on the scale the dr. told my mom I was "a beast", too. I never liked to talk about my weight or I would just cry. One day while shopping a stranger asked me if I was expecting!!!!!!!!!!!!in front of my mom! I am 35 now, & I feel sometimes my whole life is just a battle with my weight, beacause that seems to be all everyone cares about. Parents be careful what and how you talk to your kids about their weight. Of corse, we want our kids to be healthy, lose weight, lose that big belly that sticks out, but we also need to tell them they are beautuful and important regardless of their weight.