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Hi...I am looking for other parents of overweight kids who want to email back and forth with support and ideas. My daughter is 12 and over 150 lbs. She is the sweetest thing and suffers so much from the kids teasing her. She has stretch marks on her belly, hips and legs. I know how she feels because I was a "fat child" and food addicted too. I have learned a lot and keep my house really healthy with no junk or soda. Unfortunately, her dad (we are divorced) keeps all sorts of garbage and feeds her junk food when he has her. I have tried appealing to him and even brought him to a nutritionists office. She explained the health problems our daughter could be facing and where he needed to improve. Nothing worked. He still gives her all the same junk food. I have talked to her about learning to make better choices no matter WHAT is offered to her, but I know how hard it is.
Can anyone relate? My heart breaks for her because I know how much her self esteem has suffered and I want to help.
Oh...a positive thing...we are going to Curves together!
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I think she is approximately five foot, give or take an inch

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how tall is your daughter?

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Just for clarification: In my is Katmaii(number one) Everyone thinks it is an "L"!!

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Hi email is
I am looking forward to hearing from you!!

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Hi! I would like to email with you back and forth. Only that my daughter just turned eight and already weights 150 pounds.
Can you give me your email adress.