From Dave, Child's Age 10 - 05/11/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I have 4 boys all normal weight, but now my youngest one, 12 is getting fat. I just noticed it when we went swimming yesterday. His stomach was jiggling all over. But the worst was when he sat down, his new belly folded down over his waist. I couldn't believe it! His brothers also noticed and were all making fun of him. Later that night I mentioned something to him and he got all upset at me for noticing. I made him get on the scale and could not believe he put on 15 pounds since his last doctors appointment which was 2 months ago. He now weighs 118 and is only 4'11. What should I do???
Reply from Michael, Child's Age 13 - 06/25/05  - IP#:
I am still very overweight-5 feet and 215 pounds. But when I was your son's age, I was 118 too. When I was 11 and 12, my weight SKYROCKETED! I don't know what you should do, but don't let him end up like me: a fat blubbersack.

Reply from ??????????, Child's Age 11 - 05/15/05  - IP#:
You should show him this site if he gains another 5 within 2-3 months

Reply from lisa, Child's Age 15 - 05/12/05  - IP#:
watch what he eats,,he could be ready to grow though

Reply from Ashley, Child's Age 16 - 05/11/05  - IP#:
Hey, my sister Tiffany is 13 and she is like 150, but my parents like really don't care and they think she'll grow into it, I'm a normal weight I've always been skinny and athletic but I'm kiinda helping my sister to loose weigh I guess I ask her to go on walks with me and run with me and stuff and she does because she looks up to me as her older sister, so maybe if your older boys did something with him, your younger son would think it's cool and join them....