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Things haven't been going so well with Jason. I recently found out I am pregnant, which is exciting and great news for Ben and I, but after telling Jason, he exploded at me, accussing me of trying to get rid of him by having another child. He got so upset, he threw a chair accross the room and then he left and was gone for 3 days. My best guess was that he went and stayed with one of his friends that lives about an hour away from us, but I don't know. We had the police out looking for him for the 3 days he was gone. When he finally did come back, he apologized for exploding, gave me a hug, told me he was happy for me, and then went to bed. Since the day he came back, Jason has been very depressed and just all around unhappy. 2 nights ago, he went out to a party, and he didn't return until 4 a.m. And he was drunk as all hell...he reaked of beer and pot smoke. But he paid for it the next day, with a hangover that could have killed him. I took Jason to a alcohol and drug abuse phsyciatrist and he admitted to have been drinking for the past month, but swore he has never smoked anything, not even a cigarrette. So now Jason is not leaving the house for a long time and is attending alcohol abuse therapy for the next 12 weeks. Before any of this happened, we had thought more about getting Jason a puppy to give him some responsibility and he will have to take it for a walk. Jason has gained weight rather than lost it because he has been drinking, so now he weighs about 275lbs. Is there anything I can do to get Jason to calm down again...I felt I have betrayed him or something because I am having a baby. I don't know what to do, this whole drinking thing has gotten me so upset, I love my son, I want him to be bac the way he was, without anymore medication.
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I went to go visit Jason in jail, and when they sat him down so we could talk they chained him down!! I asked why the guard was doing this, and he replied "because this kid is uncontrolable and I don't trust him" I can not believe that Jason is not coroperating to help himself get out faster. I talked to him as much as I could, but he did not reply or respond very much...I talked to the consulars and his case manager and she says he is not doing much of anything. He will be out of jail in about 4 weeks and then he is going to a high security rehab and behavior center...I wish he was doing better, but he is just so unhappy...

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Oh my god Maggie. I cannot even imagine the pain that you are going through with Jason right now. I cannot imagine my own son going to jail. I am so glad though that there is an upside to this anger in that he will now get the professional help that he needs. My best of luck to you and your family Maggie,

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Well, Jason is in jail now...a few days ago he exploded again, but this time, he took it too far. He hit me...and hard. I called the police in a panick telling them that I have a uncontrollable teenager that could possiblely be drunk (he snuck out again) I don't know how long he is going to stay there...but after we decide, and he is released, he is going to a inpatient rehabilitation and behavior center. I feel that all hope is lost. I still don't understand why he took such a nasty turn...he was doing so well! Well, I am, in a sense a little relieved...because he was getting dangerous, and now he can get the proffessional help he really needs.

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Maggie, thank you for referring us to the third page. That gave me much needed background information on your child. What a heartbreaking story. I cannot even imagine what you must be going through. I would heavily recommend being extremely positive. It appears you already are which is EXTREMELY helpful. I would find healthy cookbooks on Maybe even let Jason choose them. I think the puppy was a wonderful way to try to have him go out and walk. I am glad he seems confident about his body because if he has a potential for depression, self confidence is everything. However, that could make it harder for him to lose weight if he is happy with his body. He sounds bodywise a lot like my son. My son is similary flatchested with a big gut that hangs over his jeans and dockers. Same confidence about body too!! Because of his confidence, you MUST remind him of the risks that being obese brings. Heartdisease, high blood pressure and cholestrol among many other things that may not show right now but will affect his future.

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The first half and introduction of Jason is on page 3 now if you would like to know the whole situation.