From Janet, Child's Age 12 - 03/25/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I am here asking for advice. My son who is 12 years old has ben at a normal weight for most his life, but now i am getting worried. in Sept. I had to take him to the doctor for his school check up and then he was 5'0 and 118lbs, which was a fairly normal weight. Then in Dec. I thought he was getting a little heavier and i asked him how much he weighed and he said about 120. Just this last week I had to take him to the doctor because he has a pretty bad cold, and I was schocked to learn he now weighes 154lbs. I was also schocked last night i looked in his room and he was in their with out his shirt on and his huge belly was just hanging out, and he had 4 fat folds along his side and when he sat down it just looked bigger. I am very woried becasue he alayse use to be a normal weight and never had a big belly. He eats alot and dosn't exersise very much. I don't know what to do, if any one has suggestions on what i should tell him or what I should do please leave a post.
Reply from Lola, Child's Age 16 - 03/31/05  - IP#:
Get him eating healthy sweety. That would help a lot. Knock out the junk and make him exercise. But be positive. I have sure learned the wrong way. Dont be a totaltarian also as I tried that with my son (post about him above) and it just flopped. Ended up gaining 38 pounds the year that I tried to force him to lose weight.