From Jasmine-a teen, Child's Age 17 - 03/22/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi, my name is Jasmine and there are many ways to help your child loose weight. I am in the I.B. program in high school and I would be happy to help you guys. I lost 20 pounds in 3 months, pretty good for a start! Well leave a comment and I'll try to go on ASAP and answer questions, thank you!
Reply from amanda, Child's Age 14 - 05/02/05  - IP#:
if u could plz tell me how to lose 20 lbs in 3 months!! thanks

Reply from Claire, Child's Age 17 - 04/22/05  - IP#:
(by the way why are you telling us about the IB thing?...)

Reply from Olivia, Child's Age 9 - 03/24/05  - IP#:
International Baccalaureat..Enriched classes in math, science, history, language, English. IB is based on a education of the classics, very popular in Europe. Many U.S. school districts just now adopting the program. Rigorous curriculum...not for the faint of heart or slackers. In France, it's the diploma students receive who have completed high school and past the two-part examination which makes them eligible to enter the university. Many IB students in United States enter college with some credits earned because of AP testing.

Reply from MIchelle, Child's Age 17 - 03/23/05  - IP#:
Hi, What is the "I.B." program at school? Congratulations on your success, keep it up!