From Harry, Child's Age 10 - 03/01/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hey. My son is 4'7" and weighs 140 lbs. He is rather short, and is really overweight. He loves to eat in excess, cookies, cakes, fries, chips, and he hates to exercise. He stored all his extra weight in his abdomen and cannot do 1 sit-up. His stomach bulges over his jeans and he has huge lovehandles, underchins and cheeks. He really loves to eat. He can eat 3rds or 4ths at the dinner table and cannot go 1 hr without food. All he does is watch TV with his big belly hanging out of his shirt. I cannot find shirts for his width and height so he has to wear the biggest size, which are tight on him. The shirts are so tight that when he laughs his stomach jiggles out or when he coughs his stomach jiggles out. He is really lazy, and cannot run a lap around the gym, do a sit-up, pull-up, crunch or any type of light physical activity. He is developing asthma and sleep apnea. I was shocked while playing Tickle Torture at how flabby his torso was. It felt like jello, I could grab literal chunks of his fat. I really am shocked that I let my son get so overwieght. The doctor projects he will weigh 170 next year and 200 after that. Please Help!
Reply from Lisa, Child's Age 10 - 11/03/05  - IP#:
Dear Parents,

I am the casting director for a new unique family documentary for TLC (The Learning Channel). We're looking for 2 parent home families with children (only between the ages 7-13) that are overweight and need to improve their nutrition and overall health; as well as families that feel weight and diet has been a constant struggle throughout their child's life. We are looking for parents who are ready to commit as a family to a healthier future for their entire household.

This documentary brings in a doctor/nutritional expert to educate the family in their homes, at no charge and puts them on a three week program to improve every aspect of their family life focusing heavily on nutrition, but including lack of motivation to be active and poor concentration. Leading nutritional experts at Harvard will be working as an advisory committee to the show.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will change the future health and lifestyle of the family and the kids involved.

Public schools, nutritionist, support groups, and more across the country have been very receptive to this opportunity. If you have a referral or if someone wants to speak with me directly, my contact info 212-974-9050 ext, 206.

Reply from matte, Child's Age 8 - 06/14/05  - IP#:
Hi sounds like my son. He is 8 yo 4 feet 6 and 150 pounds. He uused to run around with the other kids, but since he gained 20 pounds this year he can't run anymore. He is too lazy to walk even and wants to have a ride everywhere, he has several friends but they are getting chubby too and all they want to do is play computergames and eat snacks.
He can eat a full dinner with for example two big plates of spagetti and meatballs, and still be hungry after 1 hour. You can reach me at

Reply from Susan, Child's Age 8 - 03/14/05  - IP#:
Hi, my daughter has a similar problem. Her weight is carried in her chest and stomach area. And I know how frustrating it is thinking that there is nothing you can do. Believe me, all 3 doctors insisted that she will grow into her weight. Well, I'm still waiting. I found a wonderful doctor and he recommended a program for my daughter. You may have heard of it, it's called TRIM KIDS. I haven't put this program in effect just yet but what I have read, it's definitely worth a shot.But please, find another doctor. If he is only going to give you statistics on how much weight he is going to gain in the next year or two, then you need a second opinion. You need a doctor who is going to do blood tests to make sure his health is not at serious risk. Ask that doctor about the TRIM KIDS PROGRAM. If he knows about it ask him if he would consider that program to be beneficial to your son. Your son may be going through so much pain and anguish due to his weight. So, you may think he really enjoys eating lots and lots of food, but in reality, he may be using food to hid the pain. Other children can be so mean. Verbal abuse is something we can't stop other children from doing, but that doesn't mean we can't prevent it. Take care of yourself and your son.

Reply from Sharon, Child's Age 16 - 03/13/05  - IP#:
I didn't want to say it in the room but it's the same with my daughter. Not only is she overweight, but so flabby---fat hanging over her jeans. She is already way bigger than me. Her rear is very wide as well, and I keep buying new jeans which she has outgrown three times this year.

Reply from ZAZA, Child's Age 3 - 03/05/05  - IP#:
My daughter is exactly like that. She is 5'2 though and is 11 years old. She is also 155 lbs. She eats and eats. I have to tell her to stop. She is very active though. She is great at sports and can run and jump and jog and do situps. I also have a son. He is overweight too. He is 14 and is arouns5'10 and is 200 lbs. When they sit they have blubber sticking out too. Their doctor always tells them too lose weight. They are each around 50 lbs overweight. Please reply back to one of us.How can i help my children? But i am most concerned about my daughter since she gains weight everyday and she LOVES to eat and sits on the computer everyday and she can't fit in a bikini and she is a much bigger size than me.

Reply from Christina, Child's Age 16 - 03/02/05  - IP#:
Hey, well you deffinitly got a few options here. You can either sit down and talk to your son, or have the doctor talk to him. (more effectice). I don't think he would react very positivly with new healthy food choices, or exercise. So sometimes you must let this matter into the doctors hands. But the good news, is that if he does stay around 140, he will deffinitly grow into his weight. Just dont let him get any heavier.