From Diana, Child's Age 14 - 02/24/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hi im diana and my daughter Erika is 14, 5'1 and 202lbs..i was shocked when i went with my daughter to the doctor and found out that she was very overweight..i am also very fat: i am 5'1 and 196 lbs..we ate right and now i am pleased to annouce that ericka is now 142 took 5 months and im now 130 lbs!! we are so excited...i loved wat kaileen b. said about her daughter about how we should work together, because that couldnt be MORE TRUE!!! work together and you can accomplish any goal..i hope you all achieve your healthy goals..write back because it will give my daughter more inspiration if you do, since she has yet more weight to lose!!
Reply from bianca, Child's Age 13 - 08/31/06  - IP#:
hi good for you thats amazing that you two have lost so much weight, though im havin the same problem my daughter is acttive she plays soccer and eats very healthy and works out at the gym i dont no what to do any more if u could please give me some tips i'll appreciate it so much!!!!!thank you and great job!!!

Reply from amanda, Child's Age 14 - 05/02/05  - IP#:
how did u loose all that weight? i weigh 210-215 and i try so hard to do it and i havent for the last 2 yrs PLZ HELP!!

Reply from tracie, Child's Age 11 - 04/28/05  - IP#:
can you give me some tips my daughter is 5'2 and weighs 160

Reply from Alexandria, Child's Age 14 - 03/21/05  - IP#:
That is sooooo awesome and inspiring!!! What were your exercising and eating plans? My mom and I are also trying to lose weight.

Reply from Claire, Child's Age 17 - 02/28/05  - IP#:
wow! good job! that's very impressive!