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Really, parents. Yelling, threatrning, and punishing your kids over their weight and eating just gonna push kiddo away and piss them off, too eat even MORE.A calm and rational approach.......concern over kiddo's health,and always best. And eventually your young one will wake up to the realization that SOMETHING about all the weight must be done, and he/she will begin to take the matter seriously. Of course, he/she might even like being big.....then support and love the young un for who they are inside. Yeah.........anyway, the teenage sage is outta here. Trip wishes you all peace.....
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I get where you're coming from, Christina.A decent and caring parent will worry about their kid's health. There aren't any easy solutions ~sighs~ but keep trying the best you can. Your kid will benefit from your caring efforts in the long run.

Reply from Christina, Child's Age 16 - 01/16/05  - IP#:
Hey I understand what your getting at Trip, but we are doing this for our kinds health. I don't care if my daughter likes the way she looks. Its not healthy and it will hurt her in the long run. I'm sure many parents feel the same way as I do. However, I agree with you when you say that the more you hassle your kid, the more he will want to stay the same!