From raymond, Child's Age 16 - 12/31/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
my son richard 16. has gotten really fat lately he won't stop eating junk food. in the summer he weighed 190 lb.s now he weigh 240 lb.s, and is only 5'5, and everytime I talk to him about his wight.he say's I'm not that fat. and yells and scearms.I've it all I Put Him on diets but he won't stay On them, and his gut is getting so big, that when he put's on a tops it hang out, how can I HELP MESON DIET AND GET ACTIVE WITHOUT HIM KNOWING. PEALSE HELP FAST Rayomd hate my fatson's gut
Reply from matte, Child's Age 8 - 06/14/05  - IP#:
Hi I was that big at his age, and my parents forced me to diet, and when I left hi school at 18 I was only 180. BUT since I had been forced to diet, I started eating a lot when I got to college and soon regained what I had lost and much more..
So be supportive, buy good food, but dont force him or ridicule him. Let him eat without comments, that's my advice

Reply from Leila, Child's Age 13 - 02/23/05  - IP#:
id like too talk to ur son im bye xx

Reply from Amber, Child's Age 16 - 01/04/05  - IP#:
Just wanted to let you know that I am also 16 and overweight....I was the same way with my mom and we started to talk and found out that we both really liked, we started going to games and things with the team, and not once did she ever mention my weight....after a month or so, she sat me down and told me that she was worried about me...well, after that, it really hit home....I went on the web and found this board.....and I have a lot of diet buddies who really help you out and its really nice to hear things from someone your own age....If you or your son ever want to talk, just let me know!! my email is something like this works out for ya!!

Reply from cher, Child's Age 11 - 01/03/05  - IP#:
maybe if you were to take him to his doctor and his doctor can maybe tell him how his health could really be in danger and maybe the doctor could convince him to go on a diet.i hope this helps!!!

Reply from Tyler, Child's Age 14 - 01/01/05  - IP#:
i am 14. if he wants to talk he can email me at bye hope i can help. I am an overweight boy too i am 206 pounds i don't know any diets but i can just talk to him happy new year!

Reply from Tyler, Child's Age 14 - 12/31/04  - IP#:
i am 14 and is 206 pounds, have him go on the teen chatroom. that would be good for him just to talk with other overweight kids bye