From Julia, Child's Age 16 - 12/28/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My daughter was always a little heavy as a kid, but I never really worried about her weight, except that I tried to help her have a healthy diet. She started seeing her present boyfriend when she was about 14 and since then she has simply stopped listening to my advice about her diet. She has gained a huge amount of weight (she's 5'1" and now weighs 270lbs) but tells me that her boyfriend likes her chubby and that she doesn't see why she shouldn't eat what she enjoys. I am at my wit's end. Can you suggest anything?
Reply from helen, Child's Age 18 - 03/24/05  - IP#:
am 18 and i knwo how it feel when i have a boyfriend and he tells he loves u the way u are....the truth is tell ur daughter that guyz alway some point when her boyfriend leaves her she will realize it ...i was 12 when i met my first bf....and by the age of 14 from 120 - went up to bf left me although he said he loved me the way i i weight 145 i lost weight i went tot he gym eat healthy and i've found a guy that does love me for who iam and not for what he wishes i can be

Reply from O, Child's Age 16 - 01/04/05  - IP#:
She's 16, pretty much anything you say to her won't get through, just be supportive and encourage better habits, ultimately it's her decision and it's her body.

Reply from Annie, Child's Age 15 - 01/02/05  - IP#:
Hey maybe you could tell your daughter to email my daughter. She is 15 weighs 279.6 and is 5'5. Maybe they could be diet buddies well her email address is

Reply from Susie, Child's Age 14 - 12/28/04  - IP#:
If she likes the way she is, theres really not much you can do about it. Maybe try to explain to her the health risks associated with being overweight. Also(I'm assuming she still lives with you) just take all the junk food out of the house, so if she's hungry she can only eat health foods. Also you could try making it a "family thing", by iniviting her to come with you on hikes and such. If shes says no the first couple a times, don't push it....she will come around eventually. I hope this helps!