From Caris, Child's Age 17 - 11/23/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I really don't know what to do anymore. I was brought up in a very poor family where we hardly had any food. I managed to get out and get a good job and I vowed that my daughter would have everything she wanted. She always had big meals and we would celebrate everything with a big slap up meal. I've put on a little weight over the years (well 50lbs to be exact which has put me at 180lbs) but I'm worried sick about my daughter. I don't know how I didn't realise she'd got so big. She's having problems walking around and ends up panting and red faced after she walked up the stairs. I'd guess she was around 450/500lbs at 5'4. I fear her life is in danger. The last straw was actually seeing her in her underwear last night. Her belly hangs half way down her legs and she has huge rolls of fat on her thighs. Her morbid obesity is actually deforming her body. I don't want to deprive her but I'm scared that carrying an extra 300/350lbs of fat will put such strain on her heart that it will just give out. I've begged her to stop eating but she gets angry and crys. I've tried to get her to exercise but even on a slow walk she's dripping in sweat and unable to go on after about 100 feet. PLEASE HELP ME.
Reply from Bill, Child's Age 14 - 02/28/05  - IP#:
Ma'am, your daughter is extremely obese. No person (let alone child) should weigh 450 to 500 lbs. It is near impossible for her to lose 350+ pounds on her own because she is unable to exercise. You should see a surgeon immediately. Those extra 350 lbs are a heavy burden. I was obese in 9th grade (I was 5'9", 342 lbs.) I slimmed down though...Best of Luck...

Reply from Kaileen, Child's Age 14 - 02/24/05  - IP#:
your daughter is extremely obese. you need to put her on a diet IMMEDIATELY!!! give her light excercise because she could have heart failure!!!!! see a doctor immediately before its too late. you've got to rid your house of junk-food you need to be a parent. please listen to my advice. gOoD lUcK!!! sincerely kaileen

Reply from Krista, Child's Age 9 - 12/21/04  - IP#:
Okay, Listen to me very carefully. She sweats because she is lazy. Let her sweat she will become more active . Give her small servings

Reply from newgirl, Child's Age 14 - 12/18/04  - IP#:
her weight is FAR to high, she need to see a doctor.

Reply from Leanna, Child's Age 17 - 11/27/04  - IP#:
HI. I agree with the others, your daughter should definetly consider surgery. It will be virtually impossible for her to be able to lose 350 plus pounds on her own. Surgery is becoming a very succesful method for helping the morbidly obese to achieve a healthy weight.Her life is in great danger right now. But with surgery, she has a much greater chance of living a long, happy, and healthy life. Good luck!

Reply from Tammy, Child's Age 11 - 11/24/04  - IP#:
Please forgive me but I think your daughter's medical condition (and I'm not referring to the morbid obesity) should leave you to take drastic measures - such as discussing bariatric surgery with a physician, before it's too late. Good luck & God Bless.

Reply from Torretto, Child's Age 16 - 11/23/04  - IP#:
I think the doctor thing is a great idea...just make sure you see a girl doctor! I won't even see a guy doctor for a check-up! It's really embarrassing for a girl to have to tell a guy doctor about their problems, but I'm sure you already knew that! I just wanted to help!!

Reply from Katherine, Child's Age 15 - 11/23/04  - IP#:
I may be only 15, but it sounds to me like she really needs to see a doctor. Don't get mad at her for not wanting to go on a diet and/or exercise.. its most likely embarassing for her. I think you should just sit down, you, her, and a doctor, and have a rational discussion on what to do about this problem. Also, try to tell her about how wonderfull it would to be healthy, and all of the wonderful things she could do with her life! I know i am just a teen, but try it, and don't give up on her!! Good luck!