From Nikki, Child's Age 11 - 11/19/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Our daughter is 5'7" and 230 pounds. She is VERY active in sports (currently in her 6th year of playing in 2 basketball leagues simultaneously, she has played 2 years of starting offensive & defensive line boys football and she pitches softball). She has been menstrating for almost 2 years now and wears a size 11 womans shoe - so she is a bigger girl- but I can't lie to myself or her anymore...she's extremely overweight too. A few times I've caught her sneaking food and found 3 candy wrappers in her room. I've yelled, threatened, offered to pay her for each pound she looses and even enrolled her in an overweight kids program. I just don't know what to do anymore. She agrees with me but she continues to just eat more and get heavier and heavier. She's such a pretty girl and last week for the first time a boy at school really said a mean thing to her. She gets straight A's; but her self esteem is diminishing. She will only wear large t-shirts and jeans to hide her "real shape". Even the team t-shirts she wears for sports she always requests a larger size. I don't want her to gain anymore weight and want her to loose - but she needs to motivate herself but in the meantime she puts on more weight! Any suggestions...
Reply from Carolina, Child's Age 11 - 11/27/04  - IP#:
Hi, I have an ex-overweighted sister and I completely understand your problem, let's see if i can help. What my mum started to do is telling her how beautiful she was and how un healthy eating with no stop was for her. She explained her the medical consequences over weight carries and how important it was to control it on time. She also sent her to a special program and, even though she has put up and down several pounds she is now a beautiful teenager. It took time and lots of effort but, the most important thing is that you'll make her understand that you do it for her, not for you. It's her problem and you are trying to help her. Hope it'll help!!! God bless.