From Ann-Marie, Child's Age 12 - 11/17/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I really don't know what to do, or what to say. I just spoke to my son, he's 14, is 5'8 and weighs more than 250. Last year the same time he was "only" at 180, which was also to much for him. He gained around 70 lbs in one year and is really fat now. I've told him again and again that he should stop eating that much. I try to give him only small portions, but he buys himself sweets and fast food everyday. I can't do anything to stop that.Today I heard from one of his friends, who is also very overweight, that they have a competition - who has the biggest belly among those friends. There are two or three more, all of them overweight. I couldn't say anything! I really don't know what to say to my son. So I asked him about this "competition". He just said: Mom, look at me, I'm winning! Look at this big belly!I think it's awful. What to do? Please help!
Reply from Jeremy, Child's Age 12 - 11/28/04  - IP#:
Ya some kids are gainers. They like their weight. like the reply before , u dont have to go along with it. Just try to reason with him.

Reply from james, Child's Age 17 - 11/20/04  - IP#:
you're son might be experienceng gainer feelings. Gainers are people who like bei ng fat and like gaining weight my mothers cousins son is a gainer, he is 17 and 350. Heis mother supports him. I'm not saying you should support your son, just ask him how much (On a scal on 1-10) he likes being fat.

Reply from kerber, Child's Age 11 - 11/19/04  - IP#:
omg i <3 thata game !! i always win

Reply from patrick, Child's Age 13 - 11/17/04  - IP#:
hey, you can send him to the teen's chatroom, it's empty alot but people usually come in after a while.