From bili, Child's Age 9 - 10/30/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi. My very handsome son, who was the envy of most people is now becoming fat. He is obsessed with food.He can eat a full adult meal and still say he's hungry.bed times have become a war because he wants more food before he sleeps. His behaviour is oppossite to what it used to be. Until a couple of years ago, I was worried about him being underweight. I want to control it before it gets out of hand. He seems more hungry just before bed time. Any suggestions?
Reply from Arianna, Child's Age 16 - 10/31/04  - IP#:
Get him into a doctor ASAP before this spirals out of control and makes him overweight. Also have him exercise for at least 15 minutes every day and eating healthy no junk food and fruits and veggies for snakcs

Reply from wesley, Child's Age 10 - 10/30/04  - IP#:
if he wants to eat before bed tell him that he can only have fruit