From Dee, Child's Age 13 - 06/15/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
We are new to the site and love it so far. If you count calories, for exericse, where do you get a complete scale? Our Dr. said 30 min. of vigorous exercise per day. My daughter has maintained for 2 months and really wants to lose before school starts. Calories in -- calories out seems to be a good starting point. We don't eat fast food a lot so counting grams of fat and starches for home-cooked food baffle me. If you have anticipated from this message, I have been called "underweight" all my life so identifying for me is a problem. My daughter wants to look like me, which I DO NOT recommend. Encouragement or advise would be more than welcome!!
Reply from JS, Child's Age 12 - 06/20/04  - IP#:
try the baby food rule. the total sweets you can eat in a day may not be larger then one small(stage one) can of baby food.

Reply from jooliet, Child's Age 12 - 06/19/04  - IP#:
hi i dont really count calories 4 my daughter as long as its healthy and in moderate portions its okay and if still hungry fill up on fruit and daughter went 2 a dietition who was very helpful and explained even though she was eating the right foods just 2 much of them and she gave me a plate showing how much of certain things she could have also she said apart from playing she should have 20mins excersize every night such as skipping hope this helps a little even though i didnt answer your question good luck joolet