From Kate - 05/16/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi parents I am just a teen but I wanted to know your opinion. See, my mom, my dad, and I are all overweight, and my entire life they (and sometimes we) have been on some diet or another, but nothing ever really worked because we couldn't stick to it. I'm frustrated because my dad in particular is very overweight and I am concerned about his health and so is my mom, but every time we try to talk to him about it he just brushes us off. I love my dad very much and I want him to be around for a long time to come. How can I get him to take care of himself? I know I can't make him do it but is there anything I can do to help?
Reply from Priscilla, Child's Age 15 - 06/19/04  - IP#:
Have your mom cook only healthy foods at home like salad with steamed shrimp, chicken with veggis there is also a mashed califlower recipe that taste like potatoes. You take a head if the coliflower slice it, boil it for about 15 minutes on high. Then purre it, you can use a blender, add garlic, spices and I can't believe it's not butter spray. Don't buy anymore junk foods. Lots of veggies, some fruit, and lean protien.
Join some family sports, or take up tennis. Go for a bike ride, or walk.
Hope this helps.