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I have been reading some posts and there is something I have to say! PLEASE parents, when your children ask for junk food it doesn't mean you have to give it to them!!! It's so much better if you don't!!! It's helping them! I know (because I am a child myself) that when a craving comes to me, I will give up my diet any day for a burger and fries! And that's when kids need your help! Please don't give in to your children like my mum has for so many years!!! It'll only mean they'll love you for 10 minutes and hate them selves for 10 hrs!
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Thanks so much Teresa and Adrianne. It's good to know that others agree with what I'm sayin!!! Thnx so much,

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Hey, you are smarter than many parents!! Enjoyed your response to sad dad!

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First of all, you said "its getting to the point were i cant do anything but sit back and watch them eat and get fatter" that is completely untrue!! YOU are their father, YOU give them food or money to buy food!!! You MUST give them healthy food!!! Or else yes they will get bigger (I HATE to use the word fatter) you have to ONLY keep healthy food in the house!!! Then you said "destiny always begs me to take her to mcdonalds but i kindly tell her to eat something healthier.. SHE THROWS A FIT!" well WHAT DO YOU EXPECT HER TO DO??? WHAT??? Do you expect her to just "Oh, OK I'll just go eat some celery then." Cause if you really expect something like that then you obviously don't know much about children! OF COURSE she's going to throw a fit but you have to just say (you may even have to get a bit mean) "NO, Mc Donalds is bad for your health and I won't give it to you!" and just keep saying "NO" untill she either gives up, calls you all the names she knows and runs to her room, or eats the healthy food! And why do you care so much about her having boyfriends??? She should find a guy that loves her for HER!!! And there is NO WAY absolutely NO WAY that you would HAVE to tell her internet boyfriend that she was "fat" that's just cruel!!! I mean if he's on the net trying to get a girlfriend he's probably fat too!!! To me you don't sound like a very nice father to your daughters to whom you are ruining their internet relationships, calling them fat, trying to MAKE them lose weight for (what sounds like to me) other than health reasons! Unless your children want to lose weight I don't think you should MAKE them, unless you feel that there are serious health problems, if so take them to the doctor and see what he/she has to say! But one thing PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THEM JUNK FOOD IF THEY THROW A FIT ALL KIDS DO THAT!!!

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i have two very over weight daughters.. destiny and kristen. they cant fit anything in the stors and they got kicked oout of abercrombie once for ripping a shir twhen they were going to try it on.. this is seriouis... its getting to the point were i cant do anything but sit back and watch them eat and get fatter.. after school. destiny always begs me to take her to mcdonalds but i kindly tell her to eat something healthier.. SHE THROWS A FIT! and refuses to lose weight..shes at the age now where theyr getting boyfreinds and stuff..and destiny has zero, nada, zilch. everyone thinks she looks like a sumo wresler.. and kristyn has tofind boyfreinds online . because they dont know what she looks like.. one time i had to tell one of them she was pretty fat. i had to do it.. and well my mom really hates that they are fat and tries to encourage them to lose.. and kristyn just eats more.. i cant let them out of my sight anymore.. pretty soon theyr gonna be 1,000 pounds!

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ur so wonderful! u r truly special. just wanted to say that.