From chelsea.. one of the kids - 04/21/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hey parents.. i just want to let you know you can e mail me at anytime if you have questions about you sons or daughters. I am overweight myself and struggleing to get it under control. I just want you to know I'm here. Chels
Reply from eeeee, Child's Age 6 - 06/12/04  - IP#:
I havent read it, but there is a book called let them eat cake.... it might have something to do with the telling them no and things like that

Reply from jooliet, Child's Age 12 - 05/12/04  - IP#:
Rachel oh no was the first thing i thought when i read your reply ive been doing it all wrong but its so hard if i do nothing at all its wrong and if i do to much its wrong.i have 3 children and i make them all eat healthy my son is skinny my other daughter is average and my oldest is overweight they all eat the same so i cant understand it.did anything your parents say or did help you or do you think it would be better if i just let her decide when she feels shes ready i really do appriciate your reply it helps e understand how she must you can imagine i proberly worry more than her i lose sleep over thinking of ways i can help her so she does not have health problems she is already out of breath just walking a little bits anyway sorry to go on once again thanks for your reply and any other advice would be great jooliet

Reply from Rachel, Child's Age 14 - 05/09/04  - IP#:
When I was younger I was put on a diet to lose about ten pounds. I was probably about 9 and weighed 90 pounds and needed to weigh 80. From that day on when my mom put me on a diet I hated every day when she would tell me I couldnt have what the other kids were having. I hated thinking I was fat. I would cry myself to sleep at night because of it. Even though I was put on diets... I snuck food behind my mom's back and gained weight. I can't help but think if my parents hadn't put me on a diet I wouldn't have weighed 155 pounds at the age of 12. When I turned 13 I started to care how I looked and lost the weight myself... about 30 pounds. Please don't put young children on diets or tell them "you can't have this" because it makes the kid just want it even more. And most of all if you have other children don't let them have things that the child can't have. It puts the idea that you love your other children more. Eat healthy yourself because habits are learned. Emphasize healthy eating but never let the word "diet" come out of your mouth. The words "you need to go on a diet" hurt more than you could ever know coming out of the mouth of someone you admire so much. And they can leave scars for longer than you imagine... I know you only want to help but a young child's mind can't comprehend that you just want to help and thing of the consequences of being overweight. I know what it's like and how tough it is, and I'll be praying for you.

Reply from juliet, Child's Age 12 - 05/02/04  - IP#:
thanks your mum sounds just like me we really are just worried i will pass your email address to my daughter and maybe you can share tips thanks again us mums just want you to be happy and healthy

Reply from mary, Child's Age 12 - 04/29/04  - IP#:
sorry, im not chelsea and just scanning this board. but im 12 and 135 lbs, 5'4. ive been somewhat overweight my whole life. (I was even born fat) my mother knows that i will never be stick - skinny because of the body type that i have that i got from my fathers side of the family. yet i was fine being 130. then in 2 months i gained 10 lbs and the clothes that used to be big fit, and the summer clothes are small. My mom nags me to lose weight, and when we are shopping i dont fit into the same sizes as last year. She says things like omg! i cant believe how fat uve gotten. and that i have to lose weight and calls me fat and to start jogging with her. but it makes me feel really sad and sometimes hurt but i shrug it off like i always do. I tell her shes mean and evil yet she tells me she is telling me the truth. So i finally realized that she wants me to lose the 10 lbs. So I realized that if I wanted to wear the tankini i wore last year. I would have to lose weight. I am excercising and eating more healthier and have just lost 5 lbs and i want to lose about 5 more and then 10 more if i can. ill be happy at 130 though, cuz i dunt look bad at that. Your daughter can talk to me or you can at

Reply from jooliet, Child's Age 12 - 04/26/04  - IP#:
hi im the parent of a overweight 12 year old girl i was just wondering does your parents keep on at you all the time to lose weight and if so how do you feel about it. i feel im on to my daughter all of the time but it really worrys me that if i dont she piles the weight on and in later life she will experience bad health she is about 18lbs overweight and doesnt seem to care about her health or does she just not tell me it would be great to get some tips on what is best to do thanks it is good to get a childs veiwpoint