From Jill - 04/16/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ok parents I'm 11 years old and I'm gonna tell you how to tell your kids there fat ( it works) what you do is when there eating a snack or something or doing Home work and when there eating a snack say why don't you eat a little less then on either HW or snack say hunny your over weight and its not a good thing I under stand its hard to hear but maybe you can go on a diet with me! thats it hope it works
Reply from Adrianne, Child's Age 14 - 05/04/04  - IP#:
that might not work for everybody. but good advice! for u parents reading this, do the thing that she said by saying u will go on a diet with them. my mom sais she will excersize with me so we can both get in shape, and it makes me feel good. also, make yummy, but nutricious meals. oatmeal or cerial for breakfast is better then a bagal or a buiscuit. trust me, i learned that in science. u could make salad with just a lil bit of dressing on it for lunches, or for packed lunches, do this: my mom used to pack my lunches(not n e more tho) and she would say this: "Ok, what desert do you want in it, (but don't let them go overboard.) and then say after that like, "what main food do u want? (i never liked sandwhiches, so i would say sometimes that i would enjoy a yogurt, or leftover mac-n-cheese) and just ask them what they want, but only put 1 desert, 1 main meal, and a healthy side, like fruit snacks, or their fave fruits (mine r strawberries and grapes) also, let them go to the store with you and like, in the fruit section say like " what fruits or veggies should we get this time?" u will learn more of what they like. im sorry if i seem like i am teaching u how to be a parent, and i know i say alot, im talkative, but im just giving u advice from a child's point of view, after all, i am 14.