From Rachel, Child's Age 17 - 01/02/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My son, Jason is 17 years old. He's 6'1" and weighs around 280 lbs. He has never really been small, but he started gaining alot of weight when he was 16. He used to way around 175 lbs. That's over 100 lbs. he has gained in only 1 year. He said the reason why he gained alot of weight was for football. I took him to a dietrician, but the Doctor wasn't very helpful, he simply said just put him on a diet. I have tried to keep him away from fattening foods and motivated him to exercise, but I am a single mom and I have to work. Jason is quite a big eater. He can pack down alot of food when he wants too. It definitely shows in his gut. His stomach is huge. He just doesn't seem to care that he is so heavy. I have told him many times that it is very unhealthly but he is a fighter and doesn't want to take any advice from mom. My other son Justin is 20. He is 5'11" and only weighs 110 lbs. He is obviously underweight. He is more worried about his weight and appearance than Jason. He says girls don't want to go out with guys that are overweight and he thinks he's perfectly fine. But I am really worried about my boys. I have been thinking about getting Jason a dog so he has something to do and can take it for walks, but then I was worried that he would lose interest in it and I would end up taking care of it. I do understand Justin is older and can take care of himself, but he still lives at home with me and Jason. I don't even know where to start with him.
Reply from Dana, Child's Age 10 - 02/05/04  - IP#:
I am really sorry. I think for your underweight child, you should try telling him that he is underweight and since he is already 20, he is ready to hear of course what I just heard which is if a person gets underweight they can get ostio perosis (I am only ten and don't spell so good) and some underweight cases are even fatal. If he doesn't start putting on weight in a week, then I think you should probably invite him over for dinner and sneak a bunch of oil into whatever you cook but only in his portion.
FOr your overweight child, try getting him exited about losing weight and it might just work. If it doesn't, try seeing if he likes cucumber slices (the lowest caloric food in the world) and tell him to replace half of his portion of any candy, junk food, bread, or anything like that with some cucumber slices. If he doesn't like cucumbers, try it with water or tea even!

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Therapists will try to find some skeletons in the closet, your son needs to look in his furture. When you have some quite time together look @ with out a LIFESTYLE CHANGE this is down the road, there many good links
the following is my letter to the insurance co.
I await your authorization to cover this surgery. It is my belief and my physician's belief that decreasing my weight would dramatically decrease the severity of my co-morbid conditions of:
Diabetes Elevated Cholesterol Arthritic, worn out knees Arthritic hips Chronic Back Pain Failing vision Neuropathy in all extremities Sleep Apnea Depression
In my late 30's I developed painful, swollen knees and ankles; treat with Motrin.
In JULY1998 I had a Right Hip Replacement for no cartilage and pinched nerves caused by excessive weight and chronic strain.
Prior to the hip replacement I attended Weight Watchers, Lost 10 lbs and regained it within 3 months.
Over the years my back pain has increased with my weight gain. I see Orthopedic Dr.? for treatment and follow up. My next appointment is 11/3.
In my 40's I developed Diabetes.
My DIABETES medications includes:

NEURONTIN 300MG. 3 PER DAY for my Neuropathy.
In the last 4 years, my vision has been failing due to the diabetes.
February 2001, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and treated by Dr. ?.
Since October 1998 Dr. ? has been treating my Neuropathy in all extremities.
Dr. ? prescribes medication for my elevated cholesterol.
I currently attend counseling sessions to treat the depression I have due to the hopelessness and helplessness I feel in regards to my deteriorating health and quality of life. Being overweight has impaired my ability to earn a living and maintain relationships, especially with my wife and family.
Good luck on your journey