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My daughter is 10 years old and weighs 179 pounds. She is very active. She plays basketball, soccer, and softball for all but 2 1/2 months of the year. She swims every day during the summer and is biking, jumping on a trampoline, or just playing most of the time. We do not eat fast foods but 1-2 times a month, no fried foods and very little sweets ( cake, cookies, ect.). Yet she continues to gain weight at a steady pace. She does have asthma and a few minor heart problems. None of these should make her gain weight. We have just got an appointment to see a dietician to help us. Does anyone have any other suggestions on what we can do? We hope you find the help you are looking for and that your children reach their goals.
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It does sound as if our daughters have a lot in common. Amanda is 5'2" tall and weighs 180 pounds. She will not discuss her weight or any teasing that is happening. Amanda was a slim child until first grade (age 6) when she started gaining. She has steadily gained ever since. Amanda can also be an emotional eater if I don't stop her from getting to the food. Amanda was not diagnosed with any health problems until the age of nine and started medicines. Amanda has asthma. The inhalers do contain some steriods and on occasion she does take steriods to controll her asthma. The doctors assure me she should not gain this much weight from these medicines.. She also has a heart problem that could make her passout and die. This is caused from not enough salt in her body. She take salt tablets and has to eat foods with high sodium levels. The salt tablets do not make her retain much fluid because her body washes the salt right out for some unknown reason. Niether of these are caused by her weight problems. Amanda is very active in sports, and is outside almost all day doing something. I have a thirteen year old who eats horribly and sits in front of a t.v.. She is normal weight. I have been asking doctors about Amanda's weight for more than two years. They all said not to worry she would grow out of it. Boy, were they wrong. I kept searching until I found one who would listen. We are seeing the dietician on Monday, Febuary 24, 2003. I am looking for any way to help my child before her health gets worse due to her weight. I will let you know what we learn from the dietician. It sounds as if you are doing the right things. Has Louisa's thyroid been tested? Amanda just had her thyroid, blood sugar and chloestrol tsested (we are waiting for results) If everyone else is reseaonable slim and Louisa is gaining it could be thyroid problem. Has Louisa always been big or did she gain all at once? How tall and what is her weight? Is she active? We would love to hear more about the Louisa. Thanks for the words of encourage. Lisa

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My 10 year old daughter is also overweight, although less so than yours. My husband and I, and our other children are reasonably slim so there seems to be no obvious reason why Louisa gains weight so easily. She is very active and we do not have any junk food in the house, except for occasional treats. I have recently had a baby and had gained a little weight (it was my 4th child). Louisa and I decided to try to lose some weight together, and, while I lost it all in about 6 weeks, Louisa gained 2 pounds! There are no overweight people in our extended family either. I just can'tunderstand it! Louisa is genrally a happy child, but she is an emotional eater and will want to eat if she feels sad, angry, tired, bored, happy or excited! Although she is reluctant to discuss it, I know that her weight bothers her. Like you, we are on the waiting list to see a dietician, and I think this is the right decisison to make. You mention that your daughter has some health problems. Is she on any medications which could cause her to gain weight? How tall is she? And has she always been overweight or was there some sort of triggering event? How does she feel about her weight? Your situation seems similar to mine. I'd love to hear how you get on. Lisa Cash-Gibson