From Amy, Child's Age 5 - 07/22/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi everyone, My daughter will be 6 in oct and weighs about 88 lbs and is about 4'3. I am probably the most frustrated right now than I have ever been. She is constantly asking me to give her something to eat. I am very thin and eat very healthy and have always had a "weight conscious" so it is very hard for me to see her go through this. She really has never said anything about the way she looks but I know when school comes this fall kids are going to be mean and I'm not prepared for that. She is in a size 16 for kids so shopping is very stressful and of course she wants to wear all the cool stuff like the limited too has that is cute, but only on skinny kids. I have fat free foods in the house and skim milk and I limit sugar and try to get her to drink lots of water but she still constantly complains and whines that she wants cookies or she wants some chips ect. My family is no help really at all. For ex. we went to grandmas last night for supper and she had a cheeseburger and corn and jello. Next she wanted a piece of chicken and my mom was going to give it to her along with some other fatting snacks. I constantly have to explain to my family that she can't eat like that and I get all upset and so does my daughter when she can't have what she wants. I'm to the point now where I am going to take a packed lunch to every function that we go to OR just not let my family see her, which is cruel but I don't know what else to do. I called a dietician today. What do I do?
Reply from Terri, Child's Age 11 - 08/22/02  - IP#:
If I were you I would eat the same way your child does. Don't eat things in front of her that she can't have. Maybe if you get chips or snacks that are in big bags you can divide the bag up right away into smaller portions and then she can have a small bag once in awhile. I am a big believer in deprivation makes everyone rebel. If you tell me I can't have something I want it now.
As far as the family let her eat some but tell them to limit it. Smaller portions. Do family activities, make it fun. Kids don't want to do things if it isn't fun. This is a HARD, HARD thing for adults I can just imagine how hard it is for kids. People just don't know if they haven't been through it. Good luck!
Reply from A.J., Child's Age 4 - 08/14/02  - IP#:
I know how you must feel Amy my daughter just turned4 and is really fat i tel her that she can't eat junk food.
but my parents spoil her with food. I tell them she can't eat theses foods but they never listen. I am a single mom and a single child her father is not around so i have no chocie but to leave her with my parents. But i have found a way to help my baby loose weight. I am not so thin so i am dieting and excercising and my daughter wants to be just like me so i let her work out with me and for the last two months we both have lost 20 pounds. Maybe you should try this with your daughter. If you do i hope it works okay and if not my best wishes to the both of you.