From Carla, Child's Age 9 - 01/02/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My son is 9 and is overweight. The doctor says he is obese. He is roughly 49" and 110 lbs. He has always been a "bigger" kid. (He was 9 lb., 6 oz. when he was born). We need to start doing something about his weight, only I do not know how to approach him about it. He has NOT expressed any displeasure to me about being overweight, or any desire to lose weight, or told me that any kids at school have ever teased him. I would like some ideas on how to start a conversation that he needs to lose weight.
Reply from Debbie, Child's Age 9 - 01/24/03  - IP#:
My son is around 58 inches and 127 pounds. He also has not worried about his weight or mentioned any problems about kids picking on him about his weight. But I am concerned since he seems to gain so much yearly. I think you just have to tell your son you are concerned for his health. Maybe we could email each other, since we have kids the same age that are overweight.
Reply from Sue, Child's Age 12 - 01/02/02  - IP#:
Difficult because half the battle is when the child wants to do something about their weight but at 9 he probably isn't too self-conscious about his weight. You don't want to give him a complex, especially if he is comfortable with his current physical shape. However, for his own good he obviously has to lose weight. I think if this were my child I would sit him down and explain the possible health risks of remaining overweight. At 9 he is probably old enough to take it in. He is also still young enough and still a few years off puberty, when no doubt it would start to bother him, to do something about it. What helped me was being able to say to my daughter that the whole family were going to lose weight together and start to eat healthier foods so she didn't feel like it was her problem alone. Even if you aren't overweight yourself, this could help because even thinner people can eat healthier foods. He must know you are concerned because you have taken him to the doctor about it. You really do have to convince him that it could be a huge problem later if he carries on with poor eating habits. Maybe don't be too ambitious or drastic and aim to try and reduce his weight very gradually. Maybe his natural body weight is going to be bigger than other boys his age. Like you said, he was born big so maybe he was never meant to be too thin. Unfortunately children of that age still see their mums as people that nag but maybe if you sat him down and said something like: 'I love you and I don't want you to have health problems when you are older. I would be a lousy mother if I let you carry on gaining weight knowing that it could hurt you later'. Anyway, hope this advice helps.