From Bob, Child's Age 14 - 08/03/01  Click here to reply  
I need some help for my son. He is overweight, not too bad, but still overweight. He is 5'8" and he weighs 162 lbs. He doesn't like to go swimming because he's embarassed of his stomach. He can't stand to go shopping with anyone because he is embarrased of his size, which, by the way, is 33. I want to help him, but he won't talk about it with anyone. How can I get him to talk to me?
Reply from Luisa, Child's Age 13 - 08/25/01  - IP#:
Hi i am 13 years old and i have seen messages from your son and he said exact same as u i think or along the same lines in the kids one a while ago so i think he wants to do it for himself
Reply from Luisa, Child's Age 13 - 08/04/01  - IP#:
U'll have too wait untill he comes wanting to talk about it!