From Monica, Child's Age 13 - 07/29/01  Click here to reply  
My daughter will be a freshman this Fall, and she's beginning to take an interest in clothes. Although she is overweight, she is very confident, self-assured, good natured, and she has many good friends. She'll very infrequently make remarks about her "skinny" friends which leads me to believe that her weight does bother her. She's never admitted it to me. There is one area in her life that absolutely bothers her: there are no "cute clothes" in her size. She's now wearing a 16 petite (or short). There really is nothing for her in teen shops. It is so sad to go shopping with her, we end up in the Misses Plus sizes sometimes. I assume my daughter is not the only experiencing this, how do you handle this? I'm tempted to hire a seamstress for next year's formal dance at school. Any suggestions?
Reply from momof1, Child's Age 6 - 10/24/02  - IP#:
try think they are expanding
Reply from Zara, Child's Age 16 - 08/18/01  - IP#:
In the uk Try Etam, or newlook or Evans has a teen section now, but new look and Etam have some really nice fasionable clothes! If not try shopping on the internet.
Reply from sue, Child's Age 12 - 08/02/01  - IP#:
This is a very tricky problem. I know exactly how you feel and remember many upsetting shopping expeditions with my daughter, which just seemed to demoralise her. We always came home with something nice but it took a lot of hunting for and shopping, which should have been pleasurable, became something I dreaded because I knew she would get upset. The shops in the UK don't seem to make clothes for bigger teens. In our case the solution was easy. The weight bothered her and she wanted to lose it and eventually she did. Your daughter sounds like a lovely girl as she is and unless she came to you and asked for help with her weight I would be hesitant in recommending she lose the weight. You have to find out for sure, sensitively of course, if she does want to lose some weight but without indicating that you feel she is overweight. Very tricky. There are two routes to go here.
1) she loses the weight, with your help and guidance, and gets into the fashionable clothes
2) she stays as she is but she has to accept that she probably isn't going to find off-the-peg fashionable teen clothes.