From Steve, Child's Age 13 - 04/09/01  Click here to reply  
My son's gained his weight back and gone back to size 34 pants. His clothes are getting too small. What am I going to do?
Reply from Rachel, Child's Age 5 - 05/13/01 
Reply from Sue, Child's Age 40 - 04/13/01 
If your son has gained his weight back since your last post then at least it proves he can lose the weight so things may not seem as bleak as they now seem. You were obviously both doing something right to get this weight off in the first place so don't be too despondent about this set-back. It is only a 'blip' and doesn't mean you can't help him further. I recall that previously you said he didn't mind weighing that much. I assume his attitude is still the same, despite your counselling. I think I advised you before to be cruel to be kind and keep pointing out the health risks. I wouldn't change my advice but maybe take him to the doctor and have a professional sit down with him and go through it, perhaps with some case studies of people who got illnesses as a result of obesity. Maybe visit the doctor on your own first and discuss what approach to take with him first. It sounded before like he enjoyed the attention being big brought him and he was fully accepted for his size. If that is still the case then it is going to be even more difficult because maybe he feels he wouldn't get the attention if he got thinner. If he is popular and likeable as he is now, that won't change once the weight came off. If your son thinks or sees that you have just accepted the situation as it is i.e. him being big then I am afraid it will just get even worse. You do have to keep at it, however difficult and maybe even put him onto a much stricter diet with penalties if he 'cheats'. Usually I would be totally against penalising or punishing a child when they clearly have a medical problem, as he has, but I think in your case drastic measures are called for. Or maybe instead of punishing him try 'rewards'. Set a weight loss for him that is easily achievable and reward him when he hits that. Or set a very flexible weight loss plan where the food he is currently eating is very gradually cut down, almost so he doesn't notice it. I hope this advice helps.