From Tony, Child's Age 7 - 01/20/01  Click here to reply  
My beautiful little daughter Anya aged 7 years is starting to get quite plump and although we are sensible to what she eats and try to ensure she gets plenty of exercise what can we do without giving her a complex about staying thin ?
Reply from kelsi, Child's Age 13 - 03/06/04  - IP#:
you could sign her up for dance class ballet or tumbling you can make her favorite foosds without adding as much oil or butter you could also stop letting her eat as many sweets maybe make a rule like only one soda a day my mom did these things and i lost .5 pounds the 1st week

Reply from Sue, Child's Age 12 - 01/23/01 
You know you can actually put your child on a diet without them realising it. Just buy Weight Watcher's versions of their favourite foods. My daughter loves sweet & sour chicken but we found a low calorie/low fat version at 300 calories plus low calorie pizza, pasta etc. Also, believe it or not there are low calorie crisps and some low calorie lollies. You can also buy half fat milk for cereals.
Reply from tana, Child's Age 8 - 09/22/01 
I have a 8 year old daughter with the same problem what can be done?
Reply from Kate, Child's Age 13 - 01/21/01 
Hi Tony! My name is Kste and I live in Ireland. You want to make your child thin but without pressuring her, right? Well, instead of being so strict about sweets, encourage her to eat vegetables and do exercise in a fun way. For exanple, make vegetables in funny shapes so they are fun to eat. And as for exercise, play chase with her and do races to keep fit and keep happy. I hpoe my advice works and good luck, Kate.
Reply from Emily, Child's Age 12 - 01/21/01 
My little brother was starting to get very plump so we secretly changed his meals from fries and pizza to rice, vegetables, fruit and meat like chicken and fish. We also advoided trips to places like mcdonalds and when he asked for cookies we'd give him some toast or somthing instead. It really worked and he didn't seem to notice