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My son eats constantly. He says he's always "starved". He's getting heavier and heavier, over 200 pounds now. I can't keep any food in the house, except stuff that is not fattening. I have to hide it or he eats it. ANybody else have this problem?
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Thats it! I have absoltely had it with your nonsense. This is Blanch again. Merry Christmas Diedra. It has been 1 year. You read that right. 1 year since I issued my stern warning. And now I must freat that I must get the athorities involved. Please comply immediately to our request about your sons well being. I hoppe he has lost weight deidra. If not then we'll see what the police have to say about it. I have tried being nice. I have posted siomple step by step insrtuctions on how to submit a reply. I'll bet your laughing at this whole thing. When me and over a billion other people are very very very very very very very very very concened about your son. Lughing matter? This is not one of those. If you want a laughing matter, then go to the circus Deidra. Not is not a circus. Not a circus at all Diedra. This is physically sickening. I am outraged I'll have you know. I am moments from having a panic attack. moments away Diedra. My panic attack is no circus either. Now I will give you until January 2019. I expect a resonse this instant. This VERY INSTANT DIEDRA. My 2018 and holidays will be runined if you don't comply. So goodbye NEW Years. Thanks a lot for runinng that Diedra. Happy New yEAR DIEDRA. May your 2018 be blessed.
With Love,
Blanch A.
PS. Please refer to the post below on how to submit replies.
PSS. I look forward to hearing from you
PSSS. Please refer to the post beloiw on how to submit replies,.
PSSSS. Thank You Diedra.
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I have had more than enough. Incase you don't know, this is Blanch speaking again. I am completly in shock of your ignorance. I have given you simple step by step instructions on how to post a reply yet you still have not heeded my calls for concern.
I as well as millions of people around the world on this have been asking you and awaiting your reply on your son. Perhaps you think this is funny? Perhaps you think this is a game? I hate to inform you Diedra, but it is neither. It is none of those things Diedra. I have awaited night and day for 5 years to give you advice and help. bUT YOU HAVE PUSHEDE MY HELP AWAY LIKE YESTERDAYS TRASH. Do you thik I am trash Deidra? I am certainly not. This is no laughing matter at all i'll have you know.
Now please kindly inform us of your sons well being. I am looking forward to discussing ways to help him lose the hundred pounds he needs to lose at this time. Do not make me get the authorities involved. I am not happy to say the least Diedra.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Your friend always, Blanch A.
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Good Evening Diedra, this is Blanch again. I hope you and your family had a blessed Valentines day. I am still rather troubled about your sons weight complications and very distraught of your lack of reply. Perhaps you are unfamiliar with how to submit a comment. Simply type your name into the box titled "Your first name." Next, Simply type your sons age into the "your chil'ds age box" Next, simply type your comment back to me in the large white box below. Finally, Simply click "PUT ON BULLETIN BOARD" WITH YOUR MOUSE ARROW.
I hope you find these directions rather helpful. I am hoping that we are also helpful to your son. How is he doing today Diedra? Is he still "Starved?" This is troubling indeed. I will anxiously await your reply. Many thanks, Diedra.
- Blanch A.
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Salutations once again Diedra. This is Blanch speaking. I have not seen a reply in response to my post regarding your son's weight trouble. Perhaps you forgot to submit the reply. Please feel free to submit again at this time. We are anxiously awaiting an update and hope that your son is getting the help he needs. Thank You very much with this matter.
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Good Evening, this is Blanch again. I am awaiting your reply from over a year ago. I hope you're son is getting the help he so desperately deserves and needs at this troubling time. Has he lost weight yet Diedra?
Reply from Blanch - 03/20/13  - IP#:
Diedra, this is Blanch speaking. How are you? Does your son still have this issue? We are very concerned about his well being. Please let us know.