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Ht. 5'7, Wt. 165 - i went 2 the restaraunt where my sis works at 2day..and they make the best chicken fingers and french fries..but i fought the craving and got a salad with blackened chickin..and it was soo good!..i am so proud of myself..and i still have leftovers!..i had the dressing on the side so i could onbly put a little it was like maybe 300 calories at the most compared 2 like 1000 calories the chicken fingers and french fries would have been!..good luck 2 every1!
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Reply from Megan, Age 16 - 01/07/06  - IP#:
Agg! You did so good! I wish I had the willpower to do that!
Reply from Elizabeth, Age 14 - 01/06/06  - IP#:
Great job!! See that's a good part of dieting picking the right foods and saying no to the more fattening foods! Good job keep up the good work:)